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Why do all the domain name investors own the best of the best domains? They saw the future which was ecommerce on the internet and domain names were the link. Just as a few lucky ones were able to buy Bitcoin at parity with the US dollar for $1.00 on Feb 2011, domain names were selling on the cheap pre year 2000.

Many of times I ask myself why didn’t I catch on with the Bitcoin craze earlier onback then, but such is life. Back to domain names, you can still get a pretty good dot com for your Startup for under 1 Bitcoin.

There are a number of Aftermarket venues such as,, and where you can search for that perfect domain name.

You may already have a brand name picked out like CoinBase! What a great company name you say to yourself, but it is already in use! This is when an Aftermarket venue comes into play where you can get a great domain name without buying someone’s company outright. My advise is to first buy the domain name and then brand your new company name around it.

There are plenty of other domain extensions you can go with such as .co .io .ai and .app. These can work out fine for you now, but if your main plan is to eventually have the .com then now is the time to buy it.

A few domain names for sale now:


And yes I am pumping my own domain names. CocaCola and others have sneaky ways to market their products, so why not me.

Back to the article now. At the Startup phase of your company the dot com domain name is quite valuable and could be one piece of the puzzle for your success. Realtors use the phrase “Location, Location, Location” for buying a home. So, a similar phrase is “Dot Com, Dot Com, Dot Com” which can attract funding from Angel Investors.

There are many other reasons for using a dot com domain, which is why Apple uses a dot com, Google uses a dot com and approximately 145 million of them now registered.

Things change and maybe in the near future a new blockchain naming system for linking websites will emerge, but for now it is very much a dot com world.

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